Backup Pro

Business Grade Cloud Backup

Fully automated backup software which copies encrypted versions of your files to remote, secure storage: Backup Pro is a secure, easy-to-use, solution ideal for small-to-medium sized organisations with limited in-house IT resources.

  • Hosted in a UK-based data centre for complete security, resiliency and compliance.
  • Document version roll-back: Need a previous version of one of your files? Backup Pro allows you to choose from earlier editions and can be easily downloaded.
  • Lower your bandwidth utilisation and costs with true incremental backups: Only backup files that have changed since your previous backup.
  • Only £0.25 + vat per GB per month.
  • Completely secure military-grade 448-bit encryption.

30 Day free trial of cloud backup system

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge then you might have problems using the buttons above.

If this is the case then please use the buttons to the left to download zipped versions of the files.

The download buttons above will provide Windows programs with a free 30 day trial. No credit card or account details are required, just download and use it. The limit will be automatically set to 5GB but if you want a larger free backup trial then please just get in touch and it will be arranged for you. At the end of the 30 days, the software will stop working until you switch to the paid account. Simple really!

If you have any questions or you want to activate the full account then please get in touch through the contact page.