Why choose cloud backup?

Everyone knows that backing up is essential but why choose cloud over anything else?

Most people backup their data: some are a lot better at it than others. Without getting professional advice, many people think that occasionally putting their important files onto a USB memory stick equates to having a good backup but what people rarely ask themselves is, “what event am I backing up my data against?”

The chart on the right shows the different events which frequently happen to businesses. As you can see, the USB memory stick does not look like such a good option any more.

The average office worker has around 4GB of important data without which, they cannot effectively do their job. The cost of this worker not being able to do their job is not just that worker’s wages but also the resultant losses throughout the business: for example, if they work in logistics then transportation suffers, if they work in payroll then that suffers and basically whatever that worker is meant to do, does not happen properly. The costs to a business can be very high while getting that worker operational again.

The costs to prevent this from happening by using cloud backup? £1.00 +vat per month for the 4GB to be backed up remotely in the cloud. Do you feel as though you could be missing a trick?

If that is not enough to convince you then what about these other advantages?

  • Backup Pro – Business Grade Cloud Backup
  • Hosted in a UK-based data centre for complete security, resiliency and compliance.
  • Document version roll-back: Need a previous version of one of your files? Backup Pro allows you to choose from earlier editions and can be easily downloaded.
  • Lower your bandwidth utilisation and costs with true incremental backups: Only backup files that have changed since your previous backup.
  • Secure military-grade 448-bit encryption.
  • Choose what you want to back up.

30 Day free trial of cloud backup system

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If this is the case then please use the buttons to the left to download zipped versions of the files.

The download buttons above will provide Windows programs with a free 30 day trial. No credit card or account details are required, just download and use it. The limit will be automatically set to 5GB but if you want a larger free backup trial then please just get in touch and it will be arranged for you. At the end of the 30 days, the software will stop working until you switch to the paid account. Simple really!

If you have any questions or you want to activate the full account then please get in touch through the contact page.