Welcome to your GDPR questionnaire

Policy and Governance

Is GDPR non-compliance a concern to your company?
Have you put policies and procedures in place to mitigate risks to personal data?
Do policies and procedures set clear responsibilities for handling of personal data?
Do you provide data protection awareness training for all staff?
Do you have a designated Data Protection Officer?
Does anyone outside your business have access to your data?
Do you have a process in place for data breach reporting?
Business Processes & data

Do you seek direct consent for use of the data from those that you hold data on?
For each piece of personal information you hold, do you record the purpose for which it was obtained?
Do you have a process for correcting inaccurate records, deleting records or suspending the processing of records?
Do you have mechanisms in place which make it as easy for the data subject to remove consent for data processing and do you ensure it is as easy to remove consent as it was for them to give it?
Systems and Technology

Has your business established an information security policy supported by appropriate security measures ?
Are you certain that your data is secure?
Is your data accurate and up to date?
Do you have a data protection or data privacy statement compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
Do you have documented data retention periods and do these cover contractual and legal requirements?
Do you have a security framework in place?

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