Computer Security Solutions

Because you need your computers to keep working

We hear about viruses, malware, ransomware and hackers: Lots of products claim to be able to provide protection but without being an expert, how does anyone know what to choose and whether the protection and systems that they have in place are adequate? The answer is that most people do not know enough about this sort of thing and even if they had a fair idea a few years ago, the threats have evolved and it is time to look again.

For complete safety, a combination of Bitdefender antivirus & antimalware, Heimdal Security and a good cloud backup solution is often sensible. Why not click on the buttons below to find out more? Or simply get in touch and arrange to speak to a expert.

In essence, there are various measures that you can take to stay safe. How far you need to go may depend upon several factors such as how critical the data is that you store and how at risk you are to various threats. Talk to a expert and get some realistic advice.

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